How to Use GIFs in Instagram Stories and Instagram Direct

Instagram bets on GIFs in 2018. If 2017 ended the new superzooms and featured stories, the new year brought us GIFs on Instagram Stories. Now you can also use these moving stickers in your direct messages to make them more enjoyable and fun.

GIFs in Instagram Direct Messages (DM)

Now you can send messages with GIFs to your friends on Instagram Direct. A I love you; I hate you, goodbye, you make me mourn … can express them now more visually with GIFs that both attract us.

How to add GIFs in direct Instagram messages? If you want to try them, you must touch the GIF button in the writing bar to open the GIPHY GIF library. You can see the button below next to the photo button and the quick response heart.

Inside the GIPHY gallery you will see first the GIFs that are currently trending. You can choose one of them or search by keyword or phrases to find the perfect GIF. You can also add a random GIF. After typing in the search bar, just tap ‘Random ‘ to send a random GIF associated with what you’ve searched for.

Features of GIFs on Instagram Stories

  • They are available in version 29 of Instagram, both for Apple’s iOS and Android.
  • The GIFs that appear in Instagram Stories are from the GIPHY search engine
  • You can add GIFs in photos, videos, boomerangs, time lapse …

How to add GIFs on Instagram Stories

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Go add story; top left, on the camera icon
  • Take a photo or video or superzoom or time lapse, any option that Instagram Stories allows you
  • Go to the square face above, where you always see the stickers, the location or the time
  • Now you will see a new option, GIF, appear under PLACE. Click on GIF
  • Choose any GIF you see trending or type something in the GIPHY search engine above
  • Click on any GIF and it will automatically be added to your story. You can move it, resize it or change its horizontal orientation by clicking on the GIF
  • You can also add GIF to Instagram story highlights.  

How to succeed with GIFs on Instagram Stories?

  • Have a goal. Why that GIF in that story?
  • Use GIFs to create original and creative stories
  • Take advantage of GIFs to further humanize your brand with fun stories
  • Publish the stories in the stories of your Facebook page
  • Analyze the results if the stories with GIFs have the same, more or less engagement

What you should NOT do with your GIFs on Instagram Stories

  • Not having a goal with your story, post for posting
  • Do not abuse GIFs in the same stories, or use GIFs in all stories. How much tires
  • Do not analyze the results of your stories with GIFS. You have to know if they have more, less or equal engagement
  • Use it only to sell products or services of your brand.

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